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     My Soul and My Shades started as a social media Fashion Blog in 2019. It was created by a Sunglasses designer with the intention to share some of his work. Even though Designers are constantly working seasons ahead with upcoming trends, Since we started MyS & MyS: We were  never worried about posting the latest or the newest. Our goal: has always been to show real street Eyewear (regardless of being the hottest trend or not) because We believe that fashion is important only when it makes you feel well, when it help you to accomplish to be a better version of yourself. A more confident human being who can project the inner power that We all have. MyS & MyS  is a portal for people without the need to show off because they  know who they are. Because of the response in IG and other platforms in 2022 we decided to establish MyS & MyS as one more option in the online sunglasses Industry. As we present styles, We also look beyond labels and trends to deliver styles that are in the preference of people like you, like me. We all, are not supermodels but if you feel like a Super Star, nothing prevents  you from wear a celebrity Style Sunglasses.

      When it comes to accessories,  there’s nothing that I care the most than the one that I will place on my face:  Because Our Eyes are the windows to Our Soul,                                                                                PROTECT YOUR EYES and PROJECT YOUR SOUL: My Soul and My Shades, Fashion Eyewear.